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Best Dishwashers 2014-2015 

Choosing a dishwasher is easy when you know what the best dishwasher brands are. There are several top brands that produce the best energy efficient dishwashers. Some of the brands are not surprising while a couple are pretty surprising.  


There are always tests that are done by independent consumer groups that test dishwasher and typically group them by price category. Some brands are best because they offer a full range of prices for quality machines. Some brands are best because they have spent a lot of years perfecting the dishwashers that they offer.  


Best Dishwasher 2014-2015 - Maytag 


Maytag has long been held as one of the best dishwasher brands. They have been around for a long time and have produced some of the most reliable appliances in the industry. They offer a great warranty on their dishwashers and offer a full range of options and pricing. 

Maytag may have lost some of their footing as the top brand in the US but they are still pretty close to the top of the list.  



Best Dishwashers 2014-2015 - LG 

LG is a relative new comer to the appliance industry. They have been producing electronics, phones and components for quite a few years. In the last decade or so LG has expanded the brand by adding appliances for the home. Among their appliance line is their dishwashers.  

LG is a great brand for people that like high tech appliances but do not like paying high tech prices for their appliances. LG has managed to keep costs down while producing some of the best dishwashers on the market.  



Kenmore has been providing households with great appliances for over 50 years. Kenmore is a reliable brand that produces reliable machines according to the consumer reports we have read. They offer a full price range which consumers love. They offer features on their lower end models that other brands do not offer.  They offer 3 different lines in their dishwasher collection and are the number one selling brand in the US. 

Kenmore is one of the best dishwasher brands. 


Kitchen Aid 

The Kitchen Aid line of dishwashers have won many accolades for being amongst the quietest most energy efficient models on the market. Kitchen Aid is known for producing high quality kitchen appliances.  



Bosch is a European brand that is just now picking up some steam in the US. They mainly produce high end dishwashers but their dishwashers are more efficient than any other brand. They also are considered tops in their class among many consumer groups.  

The best dishwashers of 2014-2015 listed above are merely a handful of the dishwasher brands that are on the market. While these are the top picks there are some brands worthy of honorable mention like GE, Frigidaire and Whirlpool also make reliable machines.